Friday, October 24, 2014


No.  No no no no no no no.  Just, NO.

A HOSPITAL has discriminated against a breastfeeding mother.

We have hospitals in Texas doing things right - the Texas Ten Step Program, the Star Achiever Initiative, hospitals seeking Baby-Friendly status.

Then there's UMC, where someone decided to tell a mother with a four-month-old infant waiting for her appointment - to breastfeed in private.  In a restroom, in fact.

Someone who thought that the health of that baby was trumped by the discomfort of some adults.


I have no doubt this will go viral.  And everyone will be talking about Texas law.
Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED. A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.
And who will be correcting the people who comment that what that hospital did was totally illegal?


We need you to spread the word while this is being discussed in articles and social media that it is not illegal to violate a mother's right to feed her child. And until it IS illegal, this kind of discrimination will continue to jeopardize breastfeeding relationships.

Texas Breastfeeding Coalition is meeting November 17 and 18 and we will make a presentation to legislators and staffers on legislation we will support in the coming session.  We will also have meetings in their offices.  The bill closest to my heart will be filed by Representative Farrar.  It will make it illegal to interfere with or restrict breastfeeding, it will educate business owners that the law exists, and it will allow mothers to sue businesses for a max of $500 if they are harassed.
If that sounds like something you want to make happen, register for the TXBC meeting and help us.  It will take people from all over this humongous state (politely) demanding that their representatives and senators take responsibility for supporting mothers and babies.  Policy is vital to changing this systemic problem, where even in a hospital, a mother must worry that she will be confronted by ignorance.

Photo Courtesy of The Good Body Project
If you cannot make this meeting, plan to attend the next one in February, and go to to see how else you can be a part of making change happen.


  1. Outrageous!! So sorry this happened to this lady. No way would I breastfeed my son in a bathroom. It's extremely uncomfortable and unsanitary!!!

  2. Did she have a blanket to cover? If not, they had a right to ask her to be more discreet. I don't put my genitals in your face to make you uncomfortable, so don't do it to me. No reason for her to make such a fuss.

  3. ^^^Anonymous who posted at are an idiot. You lack a very basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Womens' breasts are NOT genitals. And a nursing mother is not putting any body part in anyone's face to make them uncomfortable. She is doing what is normal, naturaI, and healthy for her baby. If it makes you uncomfortable then look away and get over it. Oh and for your next meal...I'd like you to try eating while perched next to a toilet in a public restroom.

  4. No, no they didn't "have a right" to ask her to be more discreet. The law is on her side here, but nice try.