Thursday, December 11, 2014

Texas Breastfeeding Coalition Is Starting an Art Collection

This is an idea I've had percolating for awhile, and it's finally happening! Texas Breastfeeding Coalition is in the process of building a collection of breastfeeding art.  The art is intended to be exhibited throughout Texas in the coming years, in an effort to normalize breastfeeding and to educate those who see it on the benefits of breastfeeding and the need for support to bring those benefits to fruition.

This project is in its infancy.  There are no hard and fast rules at the moment, and most of the plans are a wish list we would like to make a reality.  What we hope for is a permanent art collection that will travel the state in galleries, restaurants, libraries, coffee houses, etcetera, with the coordination of breastfeeding advocates and local coalitions.  We are looking for support and involvement in a number of ways.  You can become involved by reading for more information below and contacting

We are accepting submissions of art, and will continue to do so indefinitely.  Please email for more information as you plan your submission. Please note that our first show is currently scheduled for February 16-24, and we would like to have enough pieces together by then to fill a gallery at the Capitol.  Pieces for the Capitol exhibit will need to be - and I hate this word, but for lack of a better one - modest.  Pieces to show elsewhere do not need to take that into consideration.
Art should be framed (if appropriate), and we would prefer donations.   If a piece is on loan, we will need a signed liability release.  There is no budget allotted at this time for shipping, so artists should plan to be responsible for delivery of their piece(s).  At this time, art is being collected in Austin.  
Pieces are intended to be shown with informational signage - stats on breastfeeding benefits, personal stories of the impact of facing discrimination for breastfeeding in public or of having support (or not) to pump at work.  If you feel moved to include such information with your piece, please do so.
Pieces are not intended to be sold or judged. (It's possible that we could include photos of pieces on the TXBC website that could link to the artists so that prints could be sold. But pieces would not be for sale from exhibits.)
We would like to show diversity in ethnicity of the subjects and in feeding methods.

We need help securing spaces to show the collection.  Please contact us for available dates, then work to secure dates for shows in any venues that may want to display art.

We need someone passionate and committed to take the lead on organizing this project.  This person or team will maintain the calendar, make arrangements for travel/shipment, and be responsible for the educational element (signs to display with each piece, with information as described above).

We need a way to display the art, at least at the Capitol.  This could mean borrowing easels, or having something custom-built.  If you are available to help with either, please contact us.

The educational elements described above, we are imagining having printed on foam core signs.  It would be wonderful to have the printing of these donated.
We will need help in writing, designing, editing, etc.

We may need to raise funds for displays, signs, and shipping.  If you can donate money, please contact

We need a liability release drafted, to be signed by anyone loaning art.

We need a title for the exhibit, that will sort of tie things together thematically (beyond the theme of “breastfeeding.”  The theme should be something along the lines of “It Takes a Village” - only clever instead of clichéd.  Point is, the collection and the educational signage with it will be used to educate, and to stress the need for support of breastfeeding mothers and children.

It would be great to have some boxes donated to transport the framed artwork safely.

Love this submission from Brian the Birth Guy!
(And now the song lyric, "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!"
is running through my head.)
While this has been in my head for a long while, the time to make it really happen is now short. Please spread the word and help out in whatever way you can. I'm so excited! Really! This is going to be awesome!

Friday, November 14, 2014

What's Kim Kardashian Got to Do with Alyssa Milano?

I'm adding the "(insert sexy/nude stuff here) is ok but breastfeeding is not" complaints to stuff I'm *OVER* regarding breastfeeding advocacy. (The list so far includes nurse-ins getting all the glory while preventative measures like legislation lack the same passionate involvement, trolls, comments sections, & anyone who likens breastfeeding to any natural functions we perform in private, from sex to pooping to nose picking.)

It's been a pet peeve for awhile now, but this here article ("Alyssa Milano Gets Heat for Breastfeeding Selfies But Kim Kardashian Nudes are Celebrated?") has me seething.

A. It's not okay that Kim Kardashian posed nude - people are freaking the frak out about it. It SHOULD be okay - celebrated even, perhaps, but opinions are like... Well, everybody's got an opinion, & some of them are really judgmental.

B. Did Alyssa Milano get heat for her breastfeeding selfies? Probably, I guess, because internet trolls. But surely most of us are all "BOOYAH!" about it, right?

C. To answer the question posed in the article, "What do you find more offensive..." I'll say this: the fact that the author refers to Kim Kardashian's booty as her "giant rump," and "overly ample backside" is what I find most offensive. I don't follow the Kardashians, so it's not that I'm a fan. It just really ticks me off that someone is either advocating for breastfeeding while being a jerkface about another woman, or they're *pretending* to advocate for breastfeeding while being a jerkface about another woman for double the media hot topics.

In short:

It's okay for Kim Kardashian to pose nude on the cover of a magazine.

It's okay for Alyssa Milano to post breastfeeding selfies.

It's NOT okay for anybody to act high & mighty judging either choice, or by judging how they look doing it.

End rant.

Screenshot courtesy of Victoria S.

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's Time! We Need You Now!

The picture below is from a screen grab of an email I wrote to my friend almost seven years ago, after we went to the Capitol together with other mothers and advocates to legislators in support of Rep. Farrar's second filing of her bill to strengthen the NIP law.

SEVEN years ago. 

And the bill still has no enforcement. 

It has been filed every session since, & each time it has failed. No more. It's time to get this bill passed, y'all. 

Our right to breastfeed our babies wherever we are authorized to be is routinely violated. And a law that is flouted with impunity is one which needs strengthening. Otherwise, what is the point of anything our legislators do?
I was so anxious that first time I went to advocate for mothers and babies. As an introvert, I was completely out of my element. I'm still an introvert, but now I know that when I'm telling lawmakers that they need to take responsibility for supporting mothers and babies through policy - I am IN my element. 

But we need y'all there with Texas Breastfeeding Coalition. Please join us for some or all of the TXBC Fall Meeting & Legislative Action Days this month.

In anticipation of the start of the 84th legislative session, we are meeting with legislators this month, and we need people (whether you're a TXBC member or not) in attendance from all over this huge state. Legislators are most interested in that which their constituents care about, so we need a lot of involvement for our 31 large Senate districts and our 150 Representative districts. There will be training before you meet with legislators/staffers, and efforts will be made to pair people together for meetings, so the meetings won't be as intimidating as they may sound!

The TXBC Fall Meeting and Legislative Action Days are just a week and a half away now, on Nov. 17 & 18. To register for the meeting, click here.

There is a downloadable flyer on the Fall Meeting page of the website if you want to share meeting information with other breastfeeding advocates. You can also help to promote the event by inviting friends on Facebook.

If you are only able to attend Day 2 (Tuesday, Nov. 18) of the meeting, there will be no registration fee for Day 2 only attendance. To register for Day 2 only, please complete this two-question survey:

This meeting will be held in the Banquet Room of the Capitol Grill (E1.002) at the state Capitol in Austin. There is limited power, so bring your electronic devices fully charged.

In addition to our legislative agenda, the meeting will include TXBC business, an ethics E CERP and a screening of the incredible documentary, The Milky Way.

If you need to bring your baby/child, that's perfectly alright! If they become distracting, you'll be able to step out into the cafeteria or even stroll around the Capitol to settle them, & then rejoin the meeting! If you are interested in child care, that is something we may be able to arrange for. Email with "Child Care" in the subject so we can gauge interest.

If you are unable to attend, please visit the lege page of our website at for a menu of ways to support pro-breastfeeding legislation.

See the flyer on the website for more details, and please register or complete the survey as soon as you are able, to facilitate appointment making.

Friday, October 24, 2014


No.  No no no no no no no.  Just, NO.

A HOSPITAL has discriminated against a breastfeeding mother.

We have hospitals in Texas doing things right - the Texas Ten Step Program, the Star Achiever Initiative, hospitals seeking Baby-Friendly status.

Then there's UMC, where someone decided to tell a mother with a four-month-old infant waiting for her appointment - to breastfeed in private.  In a restroom, in fact.

Someone who thought that the health of that baby was trumped by the discomfort of some adults.


I have no doubt this will go viral.  And everyone will be talking about Texas law.
Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED. A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.
And who will be correcting the people who comment that what that hospital did was totally illegal?


We need you to spread the word while this is being discussed in articles and social media that it is not illegal to violate a mother's right to feed her child. And until it IS illegal, this kind of discrimination will continue to jeopardize breastfeeding relationships.

Texas Breastfeeding Coalition is meeting November 17 and 18 and we will make a presentation to legislators and staffers on legislation we will support in the coming session.  We will also have meetings in their offices.  The bill closest to my heart will be filed by Representative Farrar.  It will make it illegal to interfere with or restrict breastfeeding, it will educate business owners that the law exists, and it will allow mothers to sue businesses for a max of $500 if they are harassed.
If that sounds like something you want to make happen, register for the TXBC meeting and help us.  It will take people from all over this humongous state (politely) demanding that their representatives and senators take responsibility for supporting mothers and babies.  Policy is vital to changing this systemic problem, where even in a hospital, a mother must worry that she will be confronted by ignorance.

Photo Courtesy of The Good Body Project
If you cannot make this meeting, plan to attend the next one in February, and go to to see how else you can be a part of making change happen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who Will You Put in the Lege? - My (Sort of) Endorsements

Whether or not we use policy to support breastfeeding mothers in Texas will be largely dependent upon who we put in the legislature.  Early voting has started, and I consider it my responsibility to vote.  There's no argument against this (politicians are all the same, my one vote doesn't make a difference, blahblahblah) that can hold any water for me.

Too many women fought before me for the right to vote.  I owe it to them to use it.  Too many people in the world have no influence over policy in their countries - I feel it would be like spitting in their faces to blow off voting.  And if I'm going to complain about anything in this country (and I am), then I wouldn't feel right doing so without making an effort to be a part of improving things.

Susan B. Anthony, arrested with fourteen
colleagues for voting in 1872 (Source)
Our nursing in public law needs improvement.  Yes, we can NIP - but it's not illegal to violate that right.  Yes, women can pump at work - but unless they are hourly employees, they have no legal rights to do so.  And while help exists for mothers experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, in the absence of licensure for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), it is hard for moms to know who is most qualified, and it is hard for IBCLCs to be reimbursed by insurance companies (to you know, make a living).

Who we put into the Texas legislature this fall will determine the fate of any proposed breastfeeding legislation to address the issues above.  Who we vote for (cause we're all voting, right?!) will determine who votes for or against breastfeeding bills.

As someone who was very active in supporting bf bills last session, I'm sharing some information for those of you to who have an interest in supporting breastfeeding legislation (which, with the potential to save the U.S. $13 billion and over 900 lives per year, should be everyone).  These aren't really endorsements, exactly, because I can't say I've researched all possible candidates.  In other words, these are not necessarily the candidates I would vote for - but their history with bf lege would carry weight with me.  It's information to take into consideration.

Also, these are strictly my thoughts alone.  In writing this I represent only myself, not any group of which I am part.

Below is the list of general election candidates I found here, listed by position/district.

The U.S. Senator and Representatives will be important to supporting any bf lege at the federal level.  My experience is at the state level, so the info I have is about state senators and representatives, and a few offices above those.  I'll share here who authored breastfeeding bills, who voted for and against them in 2013, and a little about my personal experiences at the Capitol.  (My only note for my local elections is that, based on my experiences with AISD, I'll be voting for Yasmin Wagner as Austin ISD Trustee in District 7.)

Breastfeeding is a bi-partisan issue.  78.4% of Texas mothers are initiating breastfeeding (per the CDC's 2014 Breastfeeding Report Card).  78.4% of Texas mothers certainly represent more than a single political party.  Unfortunately, Texas politicians do not seem always to realize that breastfeeding is bi-partisan.

Looking at the record vote from 2013, the opposition to HB 741 (our pump-at-work bill which passed in the House but stalled in the Senate), all 46 "nays" came from Republicans, presumably because conservatives value limited government and free enterprise.

All Democrats (there were 55 out of 150 last session, so just over 1/3 of the House) voted for the bill, with the exception of 6 who were absent.

Six Republicans were absent and two did not vote, so 41 Republicans voted for the bill.

That makes the vote  90 to 46, but among Republicans, it was 41 to 46 - that's pretty split.  (And no wonder, because two other key Republican values are at play - individual liberty and traditional values - these are the two we'll want carrying the most weight regarding breastfeeding bills in 2015.)

Percentage-wise, 100% of Democrats voted for the bill and 47% of Republicans voted for it.

If you lean conservative, breastfeeding may or may not be significant enough to you to vote for Democrats.  But I offer the information for whatever it's worth.

HB 741 was pretty non-controversial.  A politician who supported it would not necessarily also support strengthening the right to breastfeed or licensing IBCLCs.  So with 100% support from Dems, I've highlighted all Democrats in the table below in green, because I think that merits attention.

This post ends with a table where the legislators who voted against HB 741 are listed in red, and those who voted for it and/or in some other way showed support to breastfeeding legislation are bolded in green.  I'll keep my notes in the table brief.  Since I'm verbose by nature, I have lengthier explanations that precede the table.

Before I get to that, here are a couple of resources to help you with your voting: has lots of info - check it out if you have any questions. is super awesome.  You put in your address, and though you may need to google a couple of things (I needed to research and select my city council district and school board district), it will provide a personalized ballot with just the offices you'll vote on.  You go through it and compare candidates' responses to the Voters Guide from the League of Women Voters, selecting your choices.  You'll want to print the results, or write them down or take screen shots, because if you leave the website your info is not saved.

Also, it was inconsistently enforced two years ago, but in my experience you may not have your phone on at the polls - so have a hard copy of your choices when you go to vote, as a digital format may not help you.

Early voting is October 20-31, and election day is November 4, 2014.  Accepted photo ID is now required.

To reiterate, our two bills last session were HB 741 (pump-at-work) and HB 1706 (strengthen right to breastfeed).

Rep. Jessica Farrar authored HB 1706.  She has filed a similar bill each session since my nine-year-old was one and a half.  I love her.

Rep. Armando Walle authored HB 741.  He's one of the good guys.

Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna was a co-author on HB 741.

Rep. Susan King signed on as a co-author for both HB 741 and HB 1706.  Before that, a conversation with a mother who was visiting legislators with me at the Capitol prompted her to join us and voice her support in a meeting with a staffer for the Speaker of the House.

Rep. Eddie Lucio III also signed on as a co-author for HB 741.

Senator Zaffirini supported HB  1706, and successfully passed a resolution that would have required a feasibility study for a lactation room at the Capitol.  Unfortunately, this was later thrown out by a committee.

Senator Leticia Van de Putte sponsored HB 741 after it passed in the Senate. Unfortunately the Health and Human Services Committee had stopped hearing bills by the time it was assigned there.

There may have been some internal... convincing that had to be done, but in the end the House Business and Industry Committee voted unanimously in favor of passing both bills. Besides Rep. Walle, the members were:
Rep. Rene Oliveira 
Rep. Dwayne Bohac
Rep. Jason Villalba
Rep. Rob Orr
(who is retiring)
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez
Rep. Paul Workman

The next committee was Calendars, where the bills were being tagged (held back from being set for the calendar).  We made a strong push to contact committee members, and I met with staffers in each office and met personally with several members.  Though every single member assured me that they had no problem with the bills, they continued to be stuck in Calendars.

Rep. Todd Hunter set them for the calendar despite the tagging.  I met with him three times, and each time I liked him very much.  I felt like I connected with him as a human being (not just yet another person vying for his time).  I felt respected, and he told me how to contact members while they were in session.

Though the Calendars Committee has a scary amount of power, their proceedings are not a matter of public record.  For those who work at the Capitol, it's just accepted that this is how things are - the committee determines if a bill ever even makes it to the floor, a single member can blackball a bill, and no one will even know who that member was.  These are bills that have already been through committees that took the time to learn about them.  There are no hearings in the Calendars Committee.  I think this is wrong and bad.  I'm appalled by it.

I have no idea how the votes went in committee, but I know that despite the reassuring conversations I had with them and/or their staffers, Representatives Dan Branch, Angie Chen Button, Myra Crownover, John Frullo, Charlie Geren, and Doug Miller were on the committee and voted against HB 741 when it went to the House floor.  This was very disappointing, and I found myself completely disillusioned by the whole political process.  Rep. Hunter was the saving grace for me at that point.

Rep. Helen Giddings voiced her support and though she missed the vote I am inclined to believe her and she makes my endorsement list.

Calendars Committee members who voted for HB 741 when it was on the House floor were:
Rep. Byron Cook
Rep. John Kuempel
Rep. Craig Eiland
Rep. Roberto Alonzo
Rep. Sarah Davis
Rep. Carol Alvarado

Rep. Donna Howard's office took the time to send a letter even though she's not my representative. In it she talks about having worked closely with Rep. Farrar to try to amend the Appropriations Bill to include the education section of HB 1706, but although they successfully added the amendment, the language was later stripped by the Conference Committee.

*Rep. Geannie Morrison told me she was helping with HB 741, but what she did was try to propose an amendment that would have gutted it.  She came to an agreement with Rep. Walle and did not push her amendment, and voted for the bill as it was, so she is in green on the list below.  But our brief conversation and her amendment give me pause.

**Rep. Debbie Riddle drew international attention when she spoke out against HB 1706.  She is in green below in acknowledgement of her vote for HB 741.  But HB 1706 was the bill closest to my heart, and it would take a complete 180 from her on that bill to get my vote.

Key to Table:
Democrats  - based on HB 741, all Dems voted for bf lege
My (Sort of) Endorsements - legislators who voted for and/or supported bf lege
Reps Who Voted Against HB 741
*asterisk - see concerns in Notes column

L = Libertarian
G = Green
I = Independent

U. S. SenatorJohn CornynDavid M. AlameelRebecca Paddock (L), Emily "Spicybrown" Sanchez (G)

U. S. Representative District 1Louie GohmertShirley J. McKellar
U. S. Representative District 2Ted PoeNiko LetsosJames B. Veasaw (L), Mark Roberts (G)
U. S. Representative District 3Sam JohnsonPaul Blair (G)
U. S. Representative District 4John Ratcliffe
U. S. Representative District 5Jeb HensarlingKen Ashby (L)
U. S. Representative District 6Joe BartonDavid E. CozadHugh Chauvin (L)
U. S. Representative District 7John CulbersonJames CargasGerald Fowler (L)
U. S. Representative District 8Kevin BradyKen Petty (L)
U. S. Representative District 9Al GreenJohnny Johnson (L)
U. S. Representative District 10Michael McCaulTawana  Walter-CadienBill Kelsey (L)
U. S. Representative District 11Mike ConawayRyan T. Lange (L)
U. S. Representative District 12Kay GrangerMark GreeneEd Colliver (L)
U. S. Representative District 13Mac ThornberryMike MinterEmily Pivoda (L), Don Cook (G)
U. S. Representative District 14Randy WeberDonald G. BrownJohn Wieder (L)
U. S. Representative District 15Eddie ZamoraRubén HinojosaJohnny Partain (L)
U. S. Representative District 16Corey RoenBeto O'RourkeJaime O. Perez (L)
U. S. Representative District 17Bill FloresNick HaynesShawn Michael Hamilton (L)
U. S. Representative District 18Sean SeibertSheila Jackson LeeRemington Alessi (G), Vince Duncan (I)

U. S. Representative District 19Randy NeugebauerNeal MarchbanksRichard (Chip) Peterson (L)
U. S. Representative District 20Joaquin CastroJeffrey C. Blunt (L)
U. S. Representative District 21Lamar SmithRyan Shields (L), Antonio Diaz (G)
U. S. Representative District 22Pete OlsonFrank BriscoeRob Lapham (L)
U. S. Representative District 23Will HurdPete P. GallegoRuben Corvalan (L)
U. S. Representative District 24Kenny E. MarchantPatrick McGeheartyMike Kolls (L)
U. S. Representative District 25Roger WilliamsMarco MontoyaJohn Betz (L)
U. S. Representative District 26Michael BurgessMark Boler (L)
U. S. Representative District 27Blake FarentholdWesley ReedRoxanne Simonson (L)
U. S. Representative District 28Henry CuellarWilliam Aikens (L), Michael D. Cary (G)
U. S. Representative District 29Gene GreenJames Stanczak (L)
U. S. Representative District 30Eddie Bernice JohnsonMax W. Koch III (L), Eric LeMonte Williams (I)
U. S. Representative District 31John CarterLouie MinorScott J. Ballard (L)
U. S. Representative District 32Pete SessionsFrank PerezEd Rankin (L)
U. S. Representative District 33Marc VeaseyJason Reeves (L)
U. S. Representative District 34Larry S. SmithFilemon B VelaRyan Rowley (L)
U. S. Representative District 35Susan NarvaizLloyd  DoggettCory W. Bruner (L), Kat Swift (G)
U. S. Representative District 36Brian BabinMichael K. ColeRodney Veach (L), Hal J. Ridley, Jr (G)
GovernorGreg AbbottWendy R. DavisKathie Glass (L), Brandon Parmer (G)The Governor is the last step for a bill to become law.  After making it through both chambers, the Governor can still veto a bill.
Lieutenant GovernorDan PatrickLeticia Van de PutteRobert D. Butler (L), Chandrakantha Courtney (G)Senator Van de Putte sponsored HB 741 after it passed the House into the Senate. 
Attorney GeneralKen PaxtonSam HoustonJamie Balagia (L), Jamar Osborne (G)
Comptroller of Public AccountsGlenn HegarMike CollierBen Sanders (L), Deb Shafto (G)The Comptroller's office will email businesses about the right to bf law if the NIP bill passes, so this is an important position to me.
Commissioner of the General Land OfficeGeorge P. BushJohn CookJustin Knight (L), Valerie Alessi (G)
Commissioner of AgricultureSid MillerJim HoganDavid (Rocky) Palmquist (L), Kenneth Kendrick (G)
Railroad CommissionerRyan SittonSteve  BrownMark A. Miller (L), Martina Salinas (G)
Chief Justice, Supreme CourtNathan HechtWilliam MoodyTom Oxford (L)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6 - Unexpired TermJeff BrownLawrence Edward MeyersMark Ash (L)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7Jeff BoydGina BenavidesDon Fulton (L), Charles E. Waterbury (G)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8Phil JohnsonRS Roberto Koelsch (L), Jim Chisolm (G)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3Bert RichardsonJohn GranbergMark W. Bennett (L)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4Kevin Patrick YearyQuanah Parker (L), Judith Sanders-Castro (G)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9David NewellWilliam Bryan Strange, III (L), George Joseph Altgelt (G)
Member, State Board of Education, District 2Ruben Cortez Jr.
Member, State Board of Education, District 3Dave MundyMarisa B. PerezJosh Morales (L)
Member, State Board of Education, District 4Dorothy OlmosLawrence A. Allen Jr.
Member, State Board of Education, District 7David BradleyKathy KingMegan DaGata (L)
Member, State Board of Education, District 11Patricia "Pat" HardyNancy BeanCraig Sanders (L)
Member, State Board of Education, District 12Geraldine "Tincy" MillerLois ParrottMark Wester (L)
Member, State Board of Education, District 13Erika BeltranJunart Sodoy (L)
State Senator, District 2Bob HallDon Bates (L)
State Senator, District 3Robert NicholsJ. Tyler Lindsey (L)
State Senator, District 5Charles SchwertnerJoel ShapiroMatthew Whittington (L)
State Senator, District 7Paul BettencourtJim DavisWhitney Bilyeu (L)
State Senator, District 8Van TaylorScott Jameson (L)
State Senator, District 9Kelly HancockGregory R. Perry
State Senator, District 10Konni BurtonLibby WillisGene Lord (L), John Tunmire (G)
State Senator, District 14Kirk WatsonJames Arthur  Strohm (L)
State Senator, District 15Ron HaleJohn WhitmireGilberto Velasquez, Jr. (L)
State Senator, District 16Don Huffines
State Senator, District 17Joan HuffmanRita LucidoGeorge Hardy (L), David Courtney (G)
State Senator, District 23John LawsonRoyce WestJonathan F. Erhardt (L)
State Senator, District 25Donna CampbellDaniel BooneBrandin P. Lea (L)
State Senator, District 30Craig EstesCory Lane (L)
State Senator, District 31Kel SeligerSteven Gibson (L)
State Representative District 1Gary VanDeaverWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 2Dan Flynn
State Representative District 3Cecil Bell Jr.B. Larry Parr (L)
State Representative District 4Stuart SpitzerFrederick (Rick) Stralow (L)
State Representative District 5Bryan HughesRon Walenta (L)
State Representative District 6Matt SchaeferJoel Gardner (L)
State Representative District 7David Simpson
State Representative District 8Byron CookJohn Wilford (L)Was on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 9Chris PaddieAbsent for 741 vote
State Representative District 10John WrayWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 11Travis ClardyAbsent for 741 vote
State Representative District 12Kyle Kacal
State Representative District 13Lois W. KolkhorstDid not vote on 741
State Representative District 14John RaneyAndrew MetscherBruce L. Pugh (L)
State Representative District 15Mark KeoughWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 16Will MetcalfMichael Hayles, Sr.Bob Townsend (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 17Tim KleinschmidtCarolyn Banks
State Representative District 18John Otto
State Representative District 19James E. White
State Representative District 20Marsha FarneyStephen M. WymanJarrod Weaver (L)Rep. Farney was absent for the 741 vote
State Representative District 21Dade PhelanGavin BruneyWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 22Joe Deshotel
State Representative District 23Wayne FairclothSusan CrissWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 24Greg Bonnen
State Representative District 25Dennis Bonnen
State Representative District 26D.F. "Rick" MillerAmber C. Paaso
State Representative District 27David HamiltonRon Reynolds
State Representative District 28John Zerwas
State Representative District 29Ed Thompson
State Representative District 30*Geanie W. Morrison*Proposed amendment that would have gutted 741, which gives me pause.  
State Representative District 31Ryan Guillen
State Representative District 32Todd HunterSet bills for calendar despite tagging
State Representative District 33Scott Turner
State Representative District 34Abel Herrero
State Representative District 35Oscar LongoriaAbsent for 741 vote
State Representative District 36Sergio Munoz, Jr.
State Representative District 37Rene O. OliveiraWas on B&I Comm which voted to pass both bills
State Representative District 38Eddie Lucio IIICo-author for 741
State Representative District 39Armando "Mando" Martinez
State Representative District 40Terry CanalesAbsent for 741 vote
State Representative District 41Elijah Israel CasasBobby  GuerraRep. Guerra was absent for 741 vote
State Representative District 42Richard Pena RaymondNicolas Serna III (G)

State Representative District 43J.M. LozanoKim GonzalezRep. Lozano was absent for 741 vote
State Representative District 44John KuempelRobert M. Bohmfalk
State Representative District 45Jason A. IsaacJim Duke (L)
State Representative District 46Dawnna DukesKevin Ludlow (L)
State Representative District 47Paul D. WorkmanScott G. McKinlay (L)Was on B&I Comm which voted to pass both bills.
State Representative District 48Donna HowardBen Easton (L)Worked w/ Rep. Farrar to amend Appropriations Bill to include education section of HB 1706.
State Representative District 49Elliott NaishtatDaniel Krawisz (L)
State Representative District 50Mike VanDeWalleCelia IsraelDavid Dreesen (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 51Eddie RodriguezArthur DiBianca (L)Rep. Rodriguez was on B&I Comm which voted to pass both bills
State Representative District 52Larry GonzalesChris  OsbornIrene Johnson (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 53Andrew S. MurrMaximilian Martin (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 54Jimmie Don Aycock
State Representative District 55Molly S. WhiteWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 56Charles "Doc" AndersonClif Deuvall (L)
State Representative District 57Trent Ashby
State Representative District 58DeWayne BurnsGreg A. KauffmanWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 59J.D. Sheffield
State Representative District 60James L. "Jim" Keffer
State Representative District 61Phil KingMatthew Britt
State Representative District 62Larry Phillips
State Representative District 63Tan ParkerDaniel Moran
State Representative District 64Myra CrownoverEmy LyonsBraeden Wright (G)Rep. Crownover was on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 65Ron SimmonsAlex Mendoza
State Representative District 66Matt ShaheenWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 67Jeff LeachPatrick Peavy (L)
State Representative District 68Drew Springer
State Representative District 69James Frank
State Representative District 70Scott Sanford
State Representative District 71Susan L. KingCo-author for both bills
State Representative District 72Drew Darby
State Representative District 73Doug Miller
State Representative District 74Poncho Nevárez
State Representative District 75Mary E. Gonzalez
State Representative District 76Cesar  BlancoJ. Alexandro Lozano (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 77Marisa MarquezBen E. Mendoza (I)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 78Joe Moody
State Representative District 79Joe C. Pickett
State Representative District 80Tracy O. KingMarco Buentello (G)
State Representative District 81Brooks LandgrafWas not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 82Tom Craddick
State Representative District 83Dustin BurrowsMax R. TarboxWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 84John FrulloEd TishlerRep. Frullo was on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 85Phil StephensonCynthia Drabek
State Representative District 86John Smithee
State Representative District 87Four PriceAbel BosquezEdit: Rep. Price voted for 741 in Record No. 795 but corrected vote to nay in statement
State Representative District 88Ken KingKerry McKennon(L)
State Representative District 89Jodie LaubenbergSameena Karmally
State Representative District 90Ramon Romero Jr.Was not a representative in the 83rd session
State Representative District 91Stephanie KlickDavid L. RaganFelecia Whatley (L)
State Representative District 92Jonathan SticklandTina Penney
State Representative District 93Matt Krause
State Representative District 94Tony TinderholtCole BallwegRobert Harris (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 95Albert G. McDanielNicole Colllier
State Representative District 96Bill ZedlerQuinn Eaker (L)
State Representative District 97Craig GoldmanRod Wingo (L)
State Representative District 98Giovanni Capriglione
State Representative District 99Charlie GerenWas on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 100Eric JohnsonBrian Chapman (L)
State Representative District 101Chris  TurnerCarl Nulsen (L)
State Representative District 102Linda KoopGeorge M. ClaytonWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 103Rafael M. Anchia
State Representative District 104Roberto R. AlonzoWas on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 105Rodney AndersonSusan MotleyW.Carl Spiller (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 106Pat FallonLisa OsterholtRodney Caston (L)
State Representative District 107Kenneth SheetsCarol Donovan
State Representative District 108Morgan MeyerLeigh BaileyWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 109Helen  GiddingsAbsent for 741 vote but voiced her support
State Representative District 110Toni Rose
State Representative District 111Yvonne Davis
State Representative District 112Angie Chen ButtonMichael Binkley (L)Was on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 113Cindy BurkettMilton Whitley
State Representative District 114Jason VillalbaThomas Griffing (L)Was on B&I Comm which voted to pass both bills
State Representative District 115Matt RinaldiPaul K. StaffordKim Kelley (L)Were not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 116Trey Martinez Fischer
State Representative District 117Rick GalindoPhilip Cortez
State Representative District 118Joe Farias
State Representative District 119Roland Gutierrez
State Representative District 120Ruth Jones McClendonGilberto Villela (L)
State Representative District 121Joe StrausJeff Carruthers (L)Speaker of the House Joe Strauss did not vote on 741
State Representative District 122Lyle LarsonJames M. Holland (L)
State Representative District 123Mike VillarrealPaul Ingmundson (G)
State Representative District 124Jose Menendez
State Representative District 125Justin RodriguezDaniel Behrman (L)
State Representative District 126Patricia HarlessCris Hernandez (L)
State Representative District 127Dan Huberty
State Representative District 128Wayne SmithKen Lowder (L)
State Representative District 129Dennis PaulJohn  GayWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 130Allen FletcherArt Browning (G)
State Representative District 131Alma A. Allen
State Representative District 132Mike SchofieldLuis LopezWere not representatives in the 83rd session
State Representative District 133Jim MurphyLaura Nicol
State Representative District 134Sarah DavisAlison RuffRep. Davis was on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 135Gary ElkinsMoiz Abbas
State Representative District 136Tony DaleJohn H. Bucy, IIIJustin Billiot (L)
State Representative District 137Morad H. FikiGene Wu
State Representative District 138Dwayne BohacFred R. VernonRep. Bohac was on B&I Comm which voted to pass both bills
State Representative District 139Sylvester Turner
State Representative District 140Armando WalleAuthored HB 741
State Representative District 141Senfronia Thompson
State Representative District 142Harold V. Dutton, Jr.
State Representative District 143Ana HernandezCo-author on HB 741
State Representative District 144Gilbert PenaMary Ann Perez
State Representative District 145Carol AlvaradoWas on Calendars Comm (more in notes above)
State Representative District 146Borris L. MilesMorgan Bradford (G)
State Representative District 147Garnet F. Coleman
State Representative District 148Chris CarmonaJessica FarrarRep. Farrar authored HB 1706 & has been filing a variation since 2007
State Representative District 149Al HoangHubert Vo
State Representative District 150***Debbie RiddleAmy Perez***Rep. Riddle voted for 741 but was very publicly opposed to 1706. I worry about how she would vote on the NIP bill this session.
Chief Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals DistrictJeff RoseDiane Henson
Chief Justice, 4th Court of Appeals DistrictSandee Bryan MarionIrene Rios
Chief Justice, 7th Court of Appeals DistrictBrian Quinn
Chief Justice, 8th Court of Appeals DistrictAnn Crawford McClure
Chief Justice, 9th Court of Appeals DistrictSteve McKeithen
Chief Justice, 12th Court of Appeals DistrictJim Worthen
Chief Justice, 14th Court of Appeals DistrictKem Thompson FrostKyle Carter
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 3Russell LloydJim Sharp
Justice, 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 5Laura Carter Higley
Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 2Bill Meier
Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 7Lee Gabriel
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 3Ada Brown
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 5Craig StoddartKen Molberg
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 6David  L. Bridges
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 8Bill Whitehill
Justice, 6th Court of Appeals District, Place 3Ralph K. Burgess
Justice, 9th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 - Unexpired TermLeanne Johnson
Justice, 10th Court of Appeals District, Place 2Rex Davis
Justice, 11th Court of Appeals District, Place 2Mike Willson
Justice, 11th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 - Unexpired TermJohn Bailey
Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place 6Doug NormanDori Contreras Garza
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 4 - Unexpired TermMarc Brown
Justice, 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 7Ken WiseGordon Goodman
District Judge, Judicial District 1ADelinda Gibbs-Walker
District Judge, 30th Judicial DistrictBob Brotherton
District Judge, 31st Judicial DistrictSteven R. Emmert
District Judge, 36th Judicial DistrictStarr Bauer
District Judge, 39th Judicial DistrictShane Hadaway
District Judge, 40th Judicial DistrictBob Carroll
District Judge, 44th Judicial DistrictBonnie Lee Goldstein
District Judge, 45th Judicial DistrictStephani WalshJohn Bustamante
District Judge, 46th Judicial DistrictDan Mike Bird
District Judge, 47th Judicial DistrictDan L. Schaap
District Judge, 49th Judicial DistrictJoe Lopez
District Judge, 54th Judicial DistrictMatt Johnson
District Judge, 55th Judicial DistrictJeff ShadwickKay Morgan
District Judge, 58th Judicial DistrictTom Rugg Sr.Kent Walston
District Judge, 64th Judicial DistrictRob Kinkaid
District Judge, 66th Judicial DistrictLee Harris
District Judge, 68th Judicial DistrictMartin Jerome Hoffman
District Judge, 69th Judicial DistrictRon Enns
District Judge, 70th Judicial DistrictDenn Whalen
District Judge, 75th Judicial DistrictMark Morefield
District Judge, 81st Judicial DistrictDonna S. Rayes
District Judge, 82nd Judicial DistrictRobert  Stem
District Judge, 83rd Judicial DistrictRobert E. CadenaF. David Ortiz
District Judge, 85th Judicial DistrictKyle Hawthorne
District Judge, 86th Judicial DistrictCasey Blair
District Judge, 87th Judicial DistrictDeborah Oakes Evans
District Judge, 92nd Judicial DistrictJaime TijerinaLuis Manuel Singleterry
District Judge, 94th Judicial DistrictBobby Galvan
District Judge, 101st Judicial DistrictStaci Williams
District Judge, 102nd Judicial DistrictBobby Lockhart
District Judge, 103rd Judicial DistrictJanet L. Leal
District Judge, 105th Judicial DistrictJack William PulcherRose Meza Harrison
District Judge, 106th Judicial DistrictCarter T. Schildknecht
District Judge, 107th Judicial DistrictBenjamin Euresti, Jr.
District Judge, 109th Judicial DistrictMartin B. Muncy
District Judge, 110th Judicial DistrictWilliam P. Smith
District Judge, 111th Judicial DistrictMonica Zapata Notzon
District Judge, 112th Judicial DistrictPedro "Pete" Gomez, Jr.
District Judge, 113th Judicial DistrictMichael LandrumSteven E.  Kirkland
District Judge, 115th Judicial DistrictLauren "Laurie" Parish
District Judge, 116th Judicial DistrictTonya Parker
District Judge, 117th Judicial DistrictSandra Watts
District Judge, 118th Judicial DistrictTimothy Don Yeats
District Judge, 120th Judicial DistrictMaria Salas Mendoza
District Judge, 122nd Judicial DistrictJohn Ellisor
District Judge, 134th Judicial DistrictDale Tillery
District Judge, 137th Judicial DistrictJohn "Trey" McClendon
District Judge, 141st Judicial DistrictJohn P. Chupp
District Judge, 144th Judicial DistrictLorina RummelPaul Vasquez
District Judge, 147th Judicial DistrictCliff Brown
District Judge, 148th Judicial DistrictGuy WilliamsAugustin "Augie" Rivera, Jr.
District Judge, 149th Judicial DistrictTerri Tipton Holder
District Judge, 150th Judicial DistrictRenee McElhaneyEdna Elizondo
District Judge, 154th Judicial DistrictFelix Klein
District Judge, 155th Judicial DistrictJeff R. Steinhauser
District Judge, 156th Judicial DistrictPatrick L. Flanigan
District Judge, 157th Judicial DistrictRandy WilsonJim Peacock
District Judge, 158th Judicial DistrictSteve Burgess
District Judge, 159th Judicial DistrictPaul E. White
District Judge, 160th Judicial DistrictJim Jordan
District Judge, 168th Judicial DistrictMarcos Lizarraga
District Judge, 169th Judicial DistrictGordon G. Adams
District Judge, 170th Judicial DistrictJim Meyer
District Judge, 171st Judicial DistrictBonnie Rangel
District Judge, 172nd Judicial DistrictRick WilliamsDonald J. Floyd
District Judge, 173rd Judicial DistrictDan Moore
District Judge, 180th Judicial DistrictCatherine EvansRandy Roll
District Judge, 181st Judicial DistrictJohn B. Board
District Judge, 182nd Judicial DistrictJeannine Barr
District Judge, 183rd Judicial DistrictVanessa Velasquez
District Judge, 184th Judicial DistrictJan KrockerMark Thering
District Judge, 185th Judicial DistrictSusan BrownMack McInnis
District Judge, 186th Judicial DistrictJefferson MooreMary T. Green
District Judge, 187th Judicial DistrictSteve HilbigStephanie R. Boyd
District Judge, 188th Judicial DistrictDavid Brabham
District Judge, 189th Judicial DistrictBill BurkeUrsula A. Hall
District Judge, 190th Judicial DistrictPatricia J. KerriganFarrah Martinez
District Judge, 191st Judicial DistrictGena Slaughter
District Judge, 192nd Judicial DistrictCraig Smith
District Judge, 193rd Judicial DistrictCarl Ginsberg
District Judge, 194th Judicial DistrictErnest White
District Judge, 195th Judicial DistrictFred Tinsley
District Judge, 196th Judicial DistrictAndrew Bench
District Judge, 197th Judicial DistrictMigdalia López
District Judge, 198th Judicial DistrictRex Emerson
District Judge, 201st Judicial DistrictAmy Clark Meachum
District Judge, 203rd Judicial DistrictTeresa Hawthorne
District Judge, 204th Judicial DistrictTammy Kemp
District Judge, 205th Judicial DistrictFrancisco X. Dominguez
District Judge, 206th Judicial DistrictRose Guerra Reyna
District Judge, 207th Judicial DistrictJack Robison
District Judge, 208th Judicial DistrictDenise CollinsChuck Silverman
District Judge, 209th Judicial DistrictMike McSpadden
District Judge, 210th Judicial DistrictGonzalo "Chalo" Garcia, Jr.
District Judge, 211th Judicial DistrictBrody Shanklin
District Judge, 212th Judicial DistrictPatricia Grady
District Judge, 217th Judicial DistrictRobert Inselmann
District Judge, 218th Judicial DistrictRussell WilsonCarrie Moy
District Judge, 219th Judicial DistrictScott J. Becker
District Judge, 220th Judicial DistrictPhil Robertson
District Judge, 221st Judicial DistrictLisa Michalk
District Judge, 222nd Judicial DistrictRoland Saul
District Judge, 223rd Judicial DistrictPhil N. Vanderpool
District Judge, 224th Judicial DistrictCathleen "Cathy" StrykerLauro Bustamante
District Judge, 225th Judicial DistrictPeter Sakai
District Judge, 226th Judicial DistrictSid Harle
District Judge, 227th Judicial DistrictKevin M. O'ConnellTony Jimenez
District Judge, 228th Judicial DistrictMarc Carter
District Judge, 229th Judicial DistrictAna Lisa Garza
District Judge, 230th Judicial DistrictBrad HartGreg Glass
District Judge, 231st Judicial DistrictJesse Nevarez
District Judge, 232nd Judicial DistrictMary Lou Keel
District Judge, 233rd Judicial DistrictBill Harris
District Judge, 234th Judicial DistrictWesley WardBarbara Gardner
District Judge, 236th Judicial DistrictTom Lowe
District Judge, 237th Judicial DistrictLes Hatch
District Judge, 238th Judicial DistrictElizabeth Byer Leonard
District Judge, 239th Judicial DistrictPat Sebesta
District Judge, 240th Judicial DistrictThomas R. Culver III
District Judge, 241st Judicial DistrictJack Skeen, Jr.
District Judge, 242nd Judicial DistrictLowell "Kregg" Hukill
District Judge, 243rd Judicial DistrictLuis Aguilar
District Judge, 244th Judicial DistrictJames Rush
District Judge, 245th Judicial DistrictRoy L. Moore
District Judge, 246th Judicial DistrictCharley PrineSandra Peake
District Judge, 247th Judicial DistrictJohn SchmudeClinton "Chip" Wells
District Judge, 248th Judicial DistrictKatherine CabanissShawna L. Reagin
District Judge, 249th Judicial DistrictWayne  Bridewell
District Judge, 250th Judicial DistrictKarin Crump
District Judge, 251st Judicial DistrictAna E. Estevez
District Judge, 252nd Judicial DistrictCarolyn Drawhorn WiedenfeldRaquel West
District Judge, 253rd Judicial DistrictChap Cain
District Judge, 254th Judicial DistrictJames Martin
District Judge, 255th Judicial DistrictKim Cooks
District Judge, 256th Judicial DistrictDavid Lopez
District Judge, 257th Judicial DistrictJudy Warne
District Judge, 258th Judicial DistrictE.L. "Ernie" McClendonJoe D. Roth
District Judge, 259th Judicial DistrictBrooks Hagler
District Judge, 260th Judicial DistrictBuddie J. Hahn
District Judge, 261st Judicial DistrictLora Livingston
District Judge, 262nd Judicial DistrictDenise BradleyJules Johnson
District Judge, 263rd Judicial DistrictJim WallaceHerb Ritchie
District Judge, 264th Judicial DistrictMartha J. "Janie" Trudo
District Judge, 265th Judicial DistrictLisa DeWittJennifer Bennett
District Judge, 266th Judicial DistrictJason Cashon
District Judge, 267th Judicial DistrictJuergen "Skipper" Koetter
District Judge, 268th Judicial DistrictBrady G. Elliott
District Judge, 269th Judicial DistrictDan HindeGeorge H. Arnold
District Judge, 270th Judicial DistrictBrent GambleJames Hippard, Jr.
District Judge, 271st Judicial DistrictJohn H. Fostel
District Judge, 273rd Judicial DistrictLouie Des ChampsCharles Ramsey Mitchell
District Judge, 274th Judicial DistrictGary L. Steel
District Judge, 275th Judicial DistrictJuan R. Partida
District Judge, 276th Judicial DistrictRobert Rolston
District Judge, 277th Judicial DistrictStacey Mathews
District Judge, 278th Judicial DistrictHal R. Ridley
District Judge, 279th Judicial DistrictRandy Shelton
District Judge, 280th Judicial DistrictLynn Bradshaw-HullBarbara J. Stalder
District Judge, 281st Judicial DistrictSylvia MatthewsTanner Garth
District Judge, 282nd Judicial DistrictAmber Givens
District Judge, 283rd Judicial DistrictRick Magnis
District Judge, 284th Judicial DistrictCara Wood
District Judge, 285th Judicial DistrictRichard PriceRaymond A. Villareal
District Judge, 286th Judicial DistrictPat Phelan
District Judge, 287th Judicial DistrictGordon Houston (Corky) Green
District Judge, 288th Judicial DistrictSol CassebJames A. Rickerson
District Judge, 289th Judicial DistrictDaphne Previti AustinCarmen Kelsey
District Judge, 290th Judicial DistrictMelisa SkinnerJennifer Pena
District Judge, 291st Judicial DistrictJennifer BalidoStephanie N. Mitchell
District Judge, 292nd Judicial DistrictJanet CookBrandon Birmingham
District Judge, 293rd Judicial DistrictCynthia L. Muñiz
District Judge, 294th Judicial DistrictTeresa Drum
District Judge, 295th Judicial DistrictCaroline E. BakerLatosha Lewis
District Judge, 296th Judicial DistrictJohn R. Roach, Jr.
District Judge, 297th Judicial DistrictDavid HagermanGwinda Burns
District Judge, 298th Judicial DistrictEmily G. Tobolowsky
District Judge, 299th Judicial DistrictKaren Sage
District Judge, 300th Judicial DistrictK. Randall Hufstetler
District Judge, 301st Judicial DistrictMary Brown
District Judge, 302nd Judicial DistrictTena Callahan
District Judge, 303rd Judicial DistrictDennise Garcia
District Judge, 304th Judicial DistrictAndrea Martin
District Judge, 305th Judicial DistrictCheryl Lee Shannon
District Judge, 306th Judicial DistrictAnne B. Darring
District Judge, 307th Judicial DistrictTim Womack
District Judge, 308th Judicial DistrictJames LombardinoJim  Evans
District Judge, 309th Judicial DistrictSheri Y. DeanKathy Vossler
District Judge, 310th Judicial DistrictLisa Millard
District Judge, 311th Judicial DistrictAlicia FranklinSherri L. Cothrun
District Judge, 312th Judicial DistrictDavid Farr
District Judge, 313th Judicial DistrictGlenn DevlinTracy D. Good
District Judge, 314th Judicial DistrictJohn F. PhillipsNatalia Oakes
District Judge, 315th Judicial DistrictMichael "Mike" Schneider
District Judge, 316th Judicial DistrictJames Mosley
District Judge, 317th Judicial DistrictJolei A ShipleyLarry Thorne
District Judge, 318th Judicial DistrictDavid W. Lindemood
District Judge, 319th Judicial DistrictDavid StithMichele Villarreal-Kuchta
District Judge, 320th Judicial DistrictDon Emerson
District Judge, 321st Judicial DistrictCarole Clark
District Judge, 322nd Judicial DistrictNancy Berger
District Judge, 323rd Judicial DistrictTim Menikos
District Judge, 324th Judicial DistrictJerry Hennigan
District Judge, 325th Judicial DistrictJudith Wells
District Judge, 326th Judicial DistrictPaul Rotenberry
District Judge, 327th Judicial DistrictLinda Chew
District Judge, 328th Judicial DistrictRonald R. "Ron" Pope
District Judge, 329th Judicial DistrictRandy M. Clapp
District Judge, 330th Judicial DistrictAndrea Plumlee
District Judge, 331st Judicial DistrictDavid Crain
District Judge, 334th Judicial District - Unexpired TermGrant DorfmanDaryl Moore
District Judge, 355th Judicial DistrictRalph Walton
District Judge, 357th Judicial DistrictOscar X. GarciaJuan A. Magallanes
District Judge, 358th Judicial DistrictW. Stacy Trotter
District Judge, 359th Judicial DistrictKathleen A. Hamilton
District Judge, 361st Judicial DistrictSteve Smith
District Judge, 363rd Judicial DistrictTracy Holmes
District Judge, 364th Judicial DistrictBilly Eichman
District Judge, 365th Judicial DistrictAmado Abascal
District Judge, 366th Judicial DistrictRay Wheless
District Judge, 367th Judicial DistrictMargaret E. BarnesDavid Heiman
District Judge, 368th Judicial DistrictRick J. Kennon
District Judge, 369th Judicial DistrictBascom W. Bentley, III
District Judge, 370th Judicial DistrictNoe Gonzalez
District Judge, 371st Judicial DistrictMollee Westfall
District Judge, 372nd Judicial DistrictScott Wisch
District Judge, 377th Judicial DistrictEli Garza
District Judge, 385th Judicial DistrictRobin Malone Darr
District Judge, 397th Judicial DistrictBrian K. Gary
District Judge, 403rd Judicial DistrictBrenda P. Kennedy
District Judge, 412th Judicial DistrictEd Denman
District Judge, 414th Judicial DistrictVicki L. Menard
District Judge, 417th Judicial DistrictCynthia "Cyndi" McCrann Wheless
District Judge, 419th Judicial DistrictOrlinda Naranjo
District Judge, 424th Judicial DistrictEvan Clay Stubbs
District Judge, 428th Judicial DistrictBill Henry
District Judge, 429th Judicial DistrictJill Willis
District Judge, 432nd Judicial DistrictRuben Gonzalez
District Judge, 436th Judicial DistrictLisa JarrettEddie Bravenec
District Judge, 437th Judicial DistrictLori I. Valenzuela
District Judge, 441st Judicial DistrictRodney W. Satterwhite
District Judge, 452nd Judicial DistrictRobert R. "Rob" Hofmann
Criminal District Judge Dallas County Number 1Robert Burns
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 5Carter Thompson
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 6Jeanine Howard
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 7Elizabeth Davis Frizell
Criminal District Judge Jefferson CountyJohn "Johnny" B. Stevens, Jr.
Criminal District Judge #1 Tarrant CountyElizabeth Beach
Criminal District Judge #3 Tarrant CountyRobb Catalano
Criminal District Judge #4 Tarrant CountyMike Thomas
District Attorney, 36th Judicial District - Unexpired TermMichael Welborn
District Attorney, 91st Judicial DistrictRuss Thomason
Harris County District Attorney - Unexpired TermDevon AndersonKim Ogg
District Attorney, 132nd Judicial District - Unexpired TermBen R. Smith
District Attorney, 268th Judicial DistrictJohn HealeyWilvin J. Carter
District Attorney, 452nd Judicial DistrictTonya Spaeth Ahlschwede
1st Multicounty Court at Law JudgeDavid Hall
Criminal District Attorney Anderson CountyAllyson Mitchell
Criminal District Attorney Austin CountyTravis J. Koehn
Criminal District Attorney Bastrop CountyBryan Goertz
Criminal District Attorney Bexar CountySusan D. ReedNicholas "Nico" LaHood
Criminal District Attorney Bowie CountyJerry D. Rochelle
Criminal District Attorney Brazoria CountyJeri Yenne
Criminal District Attorney Caldwell CountyFred H. Weber
Criminal District Attorney Calhoun CountyDan W. Heard
Criminal District Attorney Cass CountyRandal LeeTina M. Richardson
Criminal District Attorney Collin CountyGreg Willis
Criminal District Attorney Comal CountyJennifer Anne Owens Tharp
Criminal District Attorney Dallas CountySusan HawkCraig Watkins
Criminal District Attorney Deaf Smith CountyJim English
Criminal District Attorney Denton CountyPaul Johnson
Criminal District Attorney Eastland CountyRuss Thomason
Criminal District Attorney Galveston CountyJack Roady
Criminal District Attorney Gregg CountyCarl L. Dorrough
Criminal District Attorney Harrison CountyCoke Solomon
Criminal District Attorney Hays CountyWesley "Wes" Mau
Criminal District Attorney Hidalgo CountyRicardo Rodriguez
Criminal District Attorney Jackson CountyRobert E. "Bobby" Bell
Criminal District Attorney Jasper CountySteve Hollis
Criminal District Attorney Jefferson CountyPerry ThomasBob Wortham
Criminal District Attorney Kaufman CountyErleigh Norville Wiley
Criminal District Attorney Lubbock CountyMatt Powell
Criminal District Attorney Madison CountyBrian L. Risinger
Criminal District Attorney McLennan CountyAbel Reyna
Criminal District Attorney Navarro CountyR. Lowell Thompson
Criminal District Attorney Newton CountyCourtney J. Tracy
Criminal District Attorney Panola CountyDanny Buck Davidson
Criminal District Attorney Polk CountyWilliam Lee Hon
Criminal District Attorney Randall CountyJames A. Farren
Criminal District Attorney Rockwall CountyKenda Culpepper
Criminal District Attorney San Jacinto CountyRobert H. Trapp
Criminal District Attorney Smith CountyMatt Bingham
Criminal District Attorney Tarrant CountySharen Wilson
Criminal District Attorney Taylor CountyJames Eidson
Criminal District Attorney Tyler CountyLou Ann Cloy
Criminal District Attorney Upshur CountyBilly W. Byrd
Criminal District Attorney Van Zandt CountyChris Martin
Criminal District Attorney Victoria CountySteve Tyler
Criminal District Attorney Walker CountyDavid P. Weeks
Criminal District Attorney Waller CountyElton Raymond Mathis, Jr.
Criminal District Attorney Wichita CountyMaureen O'Brien Shelton
Criminal District Attorney Wood CountyJim Wheeler
Criminal District Attorney Yoakum CountyBill Helwig