Friday, July 11, 2014

Can You Help Michael?

A friend of mine helped you, though you may not even know it.  

Now I'd like to tell you how you can help her.

This blog started because my sons' school district adopted a regulation requiring nursing mothers to go to a private room.  The chief legal counsel insisted this was legal and claimed that the practice was in place "at the City of Austin, Travis County, The University of Texas, Seton Family of Hospitals, and other school districts in the Austin area."

Knowing this to be hogwash and having majored in journalism, my dear friend Rachel Ham started contacting the places on the list, systematically refuting every claim.  It was her call to Hays Consolidated Independent School District that led to the breastfeeding-friendly policy there.  Austin ISD's Board Policy Committee drew heavily on the Hays policy when deciding to adopt a regulation that upholds the law.

So that's a little bit about Rachel, and how she helped breastfeeding moms, and one way in which she is awesome.

Rachel's little boy is very, very ill.  Scary ill.  

Although she breastfed Michael for 14 months and breastmilk helps to prevent C. diff infections, he got sick with it seven months ago and has been fighting re-infections ever since.  The doctors are resorting to a rarely used treatment not covered by Rachel's health insurance, so on top of everything else her family is going through, they now have to find a way to pay for a treatment they cannot afford but is vital to getting Michael safe.

You can help here: Help the Hams

I know there are so many things out there that you could do with your money.  I know you're probably here because if I ever ask anything of you, it's usually about breastfeeding advocacy and that matters to you.  I know this isn't about breastfeeding.

I've felt so helpless as Michael has gotten sick over and over again.  I've been so afraid for them, cried so many tears, prayed so many prayers.  I'm writing about this here because it's something I can do, to try to help.  I can ask you to please consider helping, even just in a small way.  I can't cure Michael, but I can try to help lift this unnecessary financial burden from his family.  I hope you'll help, too.

Sweet Michael, exhausted by the
constant fight his body is waging.

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