Sunday, December 2, 2012

KEYE News Interview 11/21/12

I had my 15 minutes of fame in high school when I was cast as Claire Zachanassian in "The Visit."  So I'm good.  I had my moment in the sun.  I wasn't/am not looking for a spotlight.  

When I realized that I was going to need to "go public" to find enough support to have any hope of convincing AISD to change their policy, I thought about remaining anonymous.  I even made up a pen name for my blog - Kaydee Pine - not much real significance there, besides the fact that it felt super dorky - or at least, just really not right.  

Then a friend on Facebook (cause I asked my fb friends if it was super dorky to use a pen name, because I'm a terribly indecisive person) basically likened being anonymous to nursing in the private room.  

That resonated with me, and I scrapped my efforts to move my blog under a nom de plume.

I'm an introvert.  I prefer to express myself in writing rather than verbally.  In elementary school, kids thought I was a snob.  But I was just intensely shy and quiet - I didn't even want to talk to a waiter to order for myself in restaurants.  Now, at 36, I can order a meal from a stranger without anxiety, but ask me to give a sound bite to a question on camera - ugh.  

So I put off doing a news interview as long as I felt I could, even though I was contacted by a couple of news anchors who wanted to plan for an interview.  Then Mel Waxler was quoted in the Austin-American Statesman and I felt our point of view deserved representation in the news media.

I was so stressed when another anchor, Cassie Gallo from KEYE-TV, called unexpectedly and asked if I wanted to do an interview not in a week or two but in 45 minutes. I was so stressed that when my kids went bonkers about me leaving the house without them, I was totally calm.  

You know that spectrum of stress responses to your children that starts out at 1 - calm and laid back, then gradually ramps up to 10 - yelling like you're the three-year-old.  But when your stress is so intense you speed past 10 and find yourself at 11+ and then - you're all zen. 

That's how freaked I was - zen freaked.

I managed to string together enough sentences to not look like an idiot.  And here it is, if you didn't catch it on Facebook a week and a half ago:

This links to our YouTube channel, to which you can subscribe. 

You can also see it on KEYE-TV's website where there are a handful of comments, and there are many more comments in their Facebook discussion.

I hate that I'm supposed to end blog posts with a question to encourage discussion, but I do what I gotta do.  So - how cute is my baby?!

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