Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update - Blogging My Butt Off

I have been blogging my butt off lately - just not here.  Get your Texas breastfeeding legislation updates at

And for more info, you can read my guest posts on

Banned from Baby Showers

Food Good, Laundry Bad

and The Badass Breastfeeder.

I am so thankful to the awesome women who have shared their platforms to spread the word that we need support to make our bills law!

In other news, the Austin Independent School District's School Health Advisory Council has made a recommendation that the board's breastfeeding policy follow state law, and the recommendation has no language implying that breastfeeding may be distracting or disruptive.  'Cause the SHAC is cool like that. 

Cover of the Breastfed Babies calendar delivered to Calendars Committee members this week
with a request to set our bills for the House floor as soon as possible.

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