Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blogging More

I became a blogger by chance.  I had tried blogging long ago, but it never took.  When I started Keep Austin Nursing in Public, it was out of a need to connect with people, to solicit support for a law-abiding breastfeeding policy at Austin Independent School District.  Then support for breastfeeding legislation in Texas.  I've come to like blogging, and in my mind, though not so much in reality, this blog has evolved into a place where I could share stuff I care about that has nothing to do with boobs.  I'd also like to post more frequently about breastfeeding, too, because Facebook algorithms have caused me a ridiculous amount of anxiety, and I'm under-utilizing this platform in favor of that one.  So, expect to see more here in the future (she says, knowing she has like 60 unfinished drafts, but hoping that this public declaration will be a kick in the pants to finish and post some of those!).

SO - if you missed these on Facebook, here are some breastfeeding gems:

Saturday Night Live kept the Austin Victoria's Secret NIP incident in the media longer than I'd have expected - by making a joke that was not at the expense of breastfeeding moms!  Breastfeeding isn't often portrayed in movies and television, but when it is, it's almost always for a laugh.  This time, at least the laugh came when the audience realized that Cecily Strong was mocking Victoria's Secret!

The irony of a bra store employee telling a mother to breastfeed elsewhere was all over the news.  Which makes it an excellent opportunity to hold the situation up as an example of why we need stronger breastfeeding laws.  Read my post, "Breastfeeding in public harassment and how you can make a difference" on The Leaky Boob to see how you can be part of one systemic solution for this all-too-frequent problem.  (Y'ALL!  I have a guest post on The Leaky Boob!  I can't even tell you how stoked I am about that!  I'm so grateful to Jessica Martin-Weber for the opportunity to talk about legislation to a wider audience.)

If you missed the incident when it first hit the news, you can see the interview with Ashley Paradez here: Woman denied right to breastfeed at Victoria’s Secret store.  I think she did a really nice job, and I appreciate that she reached out and covered our coalition's efforts to improve Texas NIP law.  (If you watch it, that's me on the phone!.)

And one more BF goodie for you tonight - "Ruin Your Day" by Sparrow Folk. This video is hysterical, and I lovelovelovelove it!