Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo Challenge Delay

Day 17
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originally posted by Nursling Photography
This is kind of the whole point of the Photo Challenge.  Normalizing breastfeeding. 
We work to normalize it for other mothers, but ultimately, that work is
intended to normalize it for our children!

I am so behind on my Photo Challenge!  It's been giving me major guilt/stress not to be posting much at all on Facebook like I want to, but I'm trying to let go of that feeling because I just needed a break to refuel.  Since the last photo I posted on the 17th, I've had:
2 days at Legoland, with limited wifi access in the La Quinta hotel
     (but at least it was pet-friendly!)
1 very long day of travel (coolest part of that was just happening
     to meet KANIP supporter Megan at the airport in San Diego!)
1 day of lazing about, recovering from our vacation - well, starting to recover
2 days of back to school prep (clothes & supply shopping, meet the teacher,
     etc. - and meeting KANIP supporter Sherry while shopping!)
1 day of coddling a sick baby
1 last day of summer fun, topped off with an un-fun ER trip for a head wound
1 first day of school
1 full day of struggling to write about Black Breastfeeding Week
1 day spent in a social media coma, I guess, cause I can't even remember what I did yesterday
We're still, after only a week in California, adjusting back to our time zone.  Ridiculous, I know.  My big kid has trouble falling asleep without being all mixed up by late nights in another time zone, so now he's still a mess.  I've had so. many. hours. of sitting with my boys keeping them company while they fall asleep.  I spent way too many of those fooling around with Picasa for the first time.  I was going to put photos on a blog post as a slide show, but  - let's just say... Picasa is not my friend. 

I'm going to just cheat and use the scheduling function to backdate and post photos to Facebook on the days they should have been posted, but first, I'll put them in posts on my blog.  I hope they hope normalize nursing in public for some mamas out there, and ultimately, to normalize it for our children!

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