Thursday, November 8, 2012

Contact Information

Whether you live in Austin or not, thank you for taking the time to protect the right of those in our district.  AISD is the 34th largest public school district in the nation, and I believe that the good we do here will spread.  As frustrating as this situation is, please be sure to be diplomatic and respectful, as everyone we contact is a potential ally!

Below are the staff members you may wish to contact.  It's probably not necessary to contact everyone I wrote to; I wasn't even sure what some of the job titles were based on the abbreviations, so I just wrote to everyone, hoping for an ally.  I have marked with one asterisk (*) those four staff members I think it is most important to contact in the superintendent's office and in legal services.  I think all board members should be contacted.  If I have made any mistakes or you come across any other pertinent information please let me know at You can also use that email address to forward your letter I may share it here on the blog.
FYI, most AISD email addresses are first name dot last name at, but not all of them follow this pattern.

More info is below, but if you'd just like to cut and paste emails for the people I'm sure should be contacted:,,,,

Or cut and paste more staff members (this list includes those above, so pick just one):,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Austin Independent School District
1111 W. 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703 
Phone: (512) 414-1700

Superintendent's Office 
to contact the office in one email; my assumption is that these are forwarded to the appropriate staff member(s)
Phone: (512) 414-2412
Office of the Superintendent
1111 W 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78703  

Toni Baker, Sec. to Supt.
Cheryl Barrios, Exec. Asst. III
*Meria Carstarphen, Superintendent

Elaine Hopkins, Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Phone: (512) 414-2413
Fax: (512) 414-1486

*Beverly Reeves, District Ombudsman and Associate Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (512) 414-9882
Fax: (512) 414-9962 

Betty Rodriguez, Exec. Asst. I

Melissa Sabatino, Administrative Supervisor for Public Information

Adriana Solis, Adm. Asst. II

*Mel Waxler, Chief of Staff

Cladianis Williams Guadalupe, Cust. Svc. Rep.

Legal Services

Phone: (512) 414-3960
Fax: (512) 414-9878  

*Edna Butts, Director, Intergovernmental Relations & Policy Oversight
Phone: (512) 414-3960  

Matthew Coleman, Temp Classified

Ylise Janssen Sr. School Law

Rosa Palacios, Exec. Asst. III

School Board of Trustees
I'm told that emails sent to this address are forwarded to all board members.
Phone: (512) 414-1704
Fax: (512) 414-1486

Unless otherwise noted, school board members' mailing address is:
1111 W. 6th Street A250
Austin, TX 78703

Vincent M. Torres, President, District 4
Phone: (512) 414-2550

Gina Hinojosa, Vice President, At-Large Position 8
Phone: (512) 414-2560

Jayme Mathias, Secretary, District 2
Phone: (512) 414-2530

Cheryl Bradley, District 1
1198 Angelina
Austin, TX 78702
Phone: (512) 472-9554

Ann E. Teich, District 3
Phone: (512) 414-2570

Amber Elenz, District 5 
Phone: (512) 414-2590

Lori Moya, District 6
Phone: (512) 414-2610

Robert Schneider, District 7
8031 Doe Meadow Drive
Austin, TX 78749
Cell Phone: (512) 619-3973

Tamala Barksdale, At-Large Position 9
Phone: (512) 414-9609


  1. Email sent. Hopefully our voices are heard.

  2. I also sent emails! -- Annie

  3. I'm fairly certain that ADM SUP-PUB INF is Administrative Supervisor of Public Information. Or Assistant. Something along those lines.

    1. Rachel, thank you! Someone did email it to me, I just have yet to edit it. Busy, busy, busy. :)

  4. A breastfeeding mama from Minnesota supports you and wrote a letter!! Don't back down!!!!

  5. How about the public relations office? Sounds like this has to do with how AISD relates publicly with the district's citizens.