Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adam's Speech to the Board

My dear, sweet, lactivist husband spoke too, of course.  He's been so incredibly supportive.  So much so that he even put KANIP on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of breastfeeding comics!  If every mother was blessed with a partner as supportive as mine, our breastfeeding rates would definitely be higher.  

His speech:
I tell my boys bravery doesn’t mean not afraid. On the contrary, it’s doing what needs done, even if you’re scared, because it’s the right thing to do.

I’m Adam Donmoyer and I’m gonna embarrass my wife.
The first time she nursed in public she was terrified. But he was hungry, so she did. She’s brave.

She’s also brilliant, authoring a blog at that’s been read over twenty thousand times in the past three months.
She’s strong - three boys. Well, four counting me. Just saying.

And she’s determined - case in point, this issue. When she’s right, she won’t back down.
The district told her she couldn’t nurse our newborn while waiting for our three-year-old who was in speech. She was completely covered and in a lobby empty of students and she could have felt the victim. But instead she was empowered.

Example of her powers? When she learned Hays CISD was considering similar language to the policy you recently rescinded (thanks for that by the way) she called them up, introduced herself, and politely asked them to reconsider.  They recently emailed her the new policy, and let’s just say, it makes my wife very happy.

You want her on your side. Because she always, always, puts the greater good first. (And also ‘cause she’s a room mom who co-chaired the most successful silent auction in our elementary school’s history.)

If you want to support her and all the other parents just like her, adopt her policy. Not because it follows Texas law, which it does, or because she has a couple thousand signatures on her petition. Do it, ‘cause like my wife, Austin ISD is brave, brilliant, strong and determined to do what’s right.

Thank you.
  Yeah, he's pretty sweet.  

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