Thursday, March 7, 2013

HB 1706

My head is spinning - I'm dizzy with excitement!  A bill has been filed to strengthen our right-to-breastfeed law in Texas!  

I've wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but at first I was paranoid about how to garner massive support without inviting opposition.  Now I'm so busy working on ways to help get it passed that I don't want to take much time to blog.  So I'm just going to link you to all of the blogs and media outlets that are covering it.  

If you'd like to help work on getting this bill passed, too, request to join the Facebook group We Support Texas Breastfeeding Laws with Enforcement.  There are a few big jobs, and lots of very simple things.  There is so much that can be done - and we need it all to be done by Tuesday!  The bill goes to the House floor then, and we want to have collected as many NIP incidents as possible to document the need for the bill, and to inundate the legislators on the Business and Industry Committee with brief emails, gracious emails encouraging their support.  When I get to it I can post details on the letter-writing campaign here, but for now - please join the group, where we're amassing information and strategizing!  

You can read the bill (note the tabs across the top of the page) & subscribe for updates at this link.

Call to Action: Help Texas Get A Breastfeeding Enforcement Provision by

and the first thing I read about it, giddy as a school girl and in utter, delighted shock:

In Houston Press Blogs:

It's addressed briefly among other bills here:

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